We, we had anticipated a strike for some time, in fact we knew it was going to have to have the strike in order to get any, any recognition at all. But as far as happening that particular day, at that particular time, somebody came in from outside, I don't recall who it was, possibly Red Mundale because he was the leader, and of course he... he kind of looked at me as his first lieutenant, and uh, he came in and told me that he went upstairs and spread the word that they had just gotten the word from, well I don't know where they got the word from, I don't know where they got the from South End or where he got the word from, probably [inaudible].

But they told us that South End was out. They had already left, but uh, I've heard conflicting statements about that too. I've heard that they didn't go out til after we did, and I've heard that they went out before. Too late now to make any difference.

Anyway, that's the first we heard of it, but I don't recall what time of the day it was either. It was in the morning, that is, I believe it was before noon, because uh... I do recall the forman going by. We used to have the gas torches were all hung, and it was... you know, bodies used to be pretty much gas torched, or gas welded, and he came out and put the pilot lights out on the gases and they had a little [inaudible], and he was shutting all that, and he was folding hoses up, and we didn't have any, anyplace for our clothes and that time we hung them on hooks along right where your job, and had a bench you sit on, and that was your... you didn't have a cafeteria, or locker room.

So we sit on this bench and hung our clothes over these coathangers at the door. Now they come, wave and [inaudible] cleaning up the job and taken out this and hollering "everybody out, everybody out, everybody out!" and everybody just laughed at him, nobody even moved, but he was trying, "everybody out!"

Show Transcript Speaker: Roscoe Rich. Interviewed by U-M Flint Labor History Project. Date of interview: 7-6-1978. Edited by Michael Van Dyke.

Copyright: ©2002 Michigan State University.