One of the active police officers, a detective, went to the Chief and said, the two troublemakers are the two Reuther brothers. Now, let my partner, here, Joe and me, take those Reuthers out to the city limits and beat them up a little bit with a rubber hose, and tell them go on back to Toledo.

And the Mayor, or the Chief of Police, refused to give us permission and it wasn't done, but they, the thought then and that was repeated around so some of us know it, that maybe the two instigators of all this could've been well on their way back to Toledo and we would've averted the strike in Flint.

It would have happened, probably, somewheres else, but we were sorry to see it thrust on us. All the businessmen felt the same way, sorry that it was happening here.

Show Transcript Speaker: Gerald Healy. Interviewed by U-M Flint Labor History Project. Date of interview: 8-7-1979. Edited by Michael Van Dyke.

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