Interviewer: What was the first job that you had to do for the union after you went back to work? Was is signing up new, was it signing guys up into the, to the Union?

Smith: No, cause that wasn't very hard you know, most of the guys got in you know when they saw the strike was successful and we got eveything. Even the anti-union guy, they joined because they could see the advantages. 'Course there was always some that talked about it, I mean, when you get vacation pay and stuff like that, I mean, it's pretty hard to pull out of the union and except this stuff, so eventually you know, it wasn't too hardto keep 'em coming. I'd say maybe the first year you know, you had kind of do a bit of work around then. Guy, you'd see the guys would help you if there was somebody that was kind of anti-union. Everybody would makes things hard for him anyways.

Show Transcript Speaker: Arthur Smith. Interviewed by U-M Flint Labor History Project. Edited by Michael Van Dyke.

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