Well, they was all carryin' clubs and two by fours and everything they could carry, you know, for protection cause you never know what you're gonna get into there. And he said "We're gonna shut her donw, we're going on strike, and those that want to stay in the sit down strike here you can stay, if you don't want to stay you can go home. We'd apreciate if you stayed but if you don't you can go home."

Well, a lot of 'em stayed you know, and Joe Sands he was also one of the head guys along with Konk. And he was a good man, and he was a very good talker, and uh... he was with us in the sit down strike. Well, we had our meetings everyday you know, in the plant too, after the plant was shut down you know. But uh... when we... when Ed brought his people from plant eight, what few he had, until he picked up more in plant four. Plant four was the main plant we wanted cause that's where all the motors were built. See? Well, we in turn then, after we got the plant under our control and the gate shut, you know, the main gate, the plant four gate there, why uh... we had uh... people, I was one of 'em, help lock the doors with these, a truck you know, ford truck and put these...stack these big [inaudible] that were loaded with stock so nobody could come in the doors you know, we had the big back doors open you know.

I mean uh, couldn't be open if it wasn't blocked. See? The watchmen tried to uh... after they found out it was plant four we were takin', why then they give up plant nine they come there. You see? Well, at that time we were ready for 'em, and we had the uh... the uh... the water hose you know, and we uh... used the hose on 'em, and that, fact they blew 'em down you know. It was a hell of a force of water, you know. Until we got the big doors blocked so if they opened 'em they couldn't get in anyway see, and then we uh... after we got that done why we were pretty secure. We kept the windows locked and checked them, that was one of our jobs, one of our police jobs, keep the windows locked you know, and then after the guards come in there was nobody going in or out you know. If you went out you couldn't go back.

Show Transcript Speaker: Leo Connelly. Interviewed by U-M Flint Labor History Project. Date of interview: 3-6-1980. Edited by Michael Van Dyke.

Copyright: ©2002 Michigan State University.