I don't remember how I found out that they were sitting in because probably everyone was talking about it - Oh, probably it was on the radio, that the Fisher two men were sitting in, see, and then when they were sitting in we went down and that was before the National Guards came in and you could take food to them, see, and then they'd have their supers.

Well, this one night when I went down, he said, "take the kid and go home," he says, "we're gonna have problems here tonight." So then I was at home and then um... later, it was quite late at night when some uh... I knew what was going on cause the radio was telling me what was going on, and uh... two men came to my front door, we were living over on Osington and Fenton Road, and uh... they came and they said, Hans has been shot, shot in the leg is what they said, and I thought they said in the head, and they said, well I said, "where is he?" And they said, "well they're taking him to Hurley's." And so then I went jumped in the car and I went to Hurley, well, they um... he was up there in the emergency room, and he had, he was shot in the leg, see, and so they were dressing that.

Then I thought, he could come on home with me, see, but as we went into the elevator the um... policemen, they said, they wouldn't even let me ride in the elevator. I was going down, they said, no, you can't go see, so then I had to step off the elevator just with the detectives. Well, then they took him on to jail, see, they took him on to jail.

[Interviewer] How long was he in the hospital then?

Well just to get the dressing on.

[Interviewer] Then they took him to jail?

Right away, they took him to jail, see?

[Interviewer] Could you visit him in jail then?

No, I couldn't get to see him there either. I um... let me see, I don't, I think I went right down there, and uh... [inaudible] was Sheriff, you know, and I went to him and he said, no, he says I couldn't go in. I said, "well I want to take him some cigarettes and some clean underwear, you know, clothes, and he says, "you come back," and he said "another time and bring somebody with..." I mean, "and be alone." I said, "I'm along now," you know, but uh... then after a day or two he told me I could go and uh... take him his cigarettes, so that's what happened.

Show Transcript Speaker: Mrs Hans Larson. Interviewed by U-M Flint Labor History Project. Date of interview: 4-11-1980. Edited by Michael Van Dyke.

Copyright: ©2002 Michigan State University.