After the sitdown strike, well then we er went on hourly rate, and it was strictly hour, hourly rate. The we, er, made them tear er, put all new booths and everything in, all new booths, we got away from all that, that stuff in er thirty and thirty-four, we got away from all that filth and stuff. Now you'd come home at night there'd be that thickness after you took a shower [Interviewer/ overlapping dialogue}: "about half an inch or so, anyway"] all over you, and every night you'd have to take a shower, and eh at night you'd eh, oh you'd cough that stuff up, chunks like that, black stuff, paint and stuff. They figured at that time I think about eh, a year, a year and a half was about the life of a two-coat sprayer I think is what it was [but you stuck it out then for a while] I was in there twenty-six years, twenty-four years to be exact, two years in Cleveland. And, eh, eh, what I done, I went, eh, I'd go to the doctor every now and then and have him check me over and the doctor told me, he said, now Jim he said, if you, if you want to keep on spraying and stay out of these then there's only one way you can do it and he said, eh, everyday you've gotta drink lemonade and sweet milk, a lotta sweet milk, a lotta lemonade, and eat oranges, orange juice, eat oranges, eat the juice and stuff, and he said then every week, every week regular, you take, eh, two tablespoons full of Epsom Salts, that's fizzy, and dry that out a ya, and he says if you do that, he said you can keep it out a you pretty well, so I said, eh, OK, so I did, and, eh, well the rest of them did, but they had, we had several of them that died with eh [paintballs?] and [inaudible]that would kill em and then they'd die but they'd never, you'd never know what happened to em or anything, they'd never tell you.

Show Transcript Speaker: James Spohn. Interviewed by U-M Flint Labor History Project. Date of interview: 3-6-1980. Edited by Michael Van Dyke.

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