Well, one of the fellas that, well, one of my leaders, was telling me that there were going to be a union meeting down to the, let's see, what building was that?


Pengelly Building. And wanted me to come down, you know? And I, course I didn't know anything about a union or have anything to do with it, so I asked my dad about it and he said it's a good thing. Said, go down and see what you can find out. Well, at that time, I didn't realize that if they'd of found out you were fooling with a union they could've fired you anyways, see, but we went down, we had, oh, I don't know, five or six meetings down there, I guess, where we had people from UAW in Detroit, of course it wasn't called the UAW at that time, but, they'd come over from Detroit and speak to us, and...


Show Transcript Speaker: Earl Hubbard. Interviewed by U-M Flint Labor History Project. Date of interview: 4-24-1980. Edited by Michael Van Dyke.

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