When I first come back into the shop, I would say it was around eight o'clock, that's when everything started, well, the police was trying to get in as we got the, the fire hoses out and turned the hoses on 'em, where they couldn't get into the, into the shop. We kept 'em out and at that time the watchmen, they run into the offices and hid. They didn't want any part of it.

And they were shooting tear gas through the windows in the shop. I was up on the second floor and they were shooting tear gas through the windows and I went over on top of the paint shop. It was a lower building on that side, on the roof, and, oh, we had hinges and bolts and everything else 'cause throwing at the, at the police.

But I don't know who done the shooting. I imagine they did. I got shot here in the leg and I got shot in the hip. I don't know who shot but I got shot, anyway. Fellow by the name of working with me Gig Mule on the stock department. And that fellow by the name of Cy Davis I mentioned before, he took us to the hospital and he had the 1936 Chevrolet Coupe, took us to the early hospital.

He put us in the hospital there and they took the bullets out of us and they had us in there, oh, I was in there about a week and I think the other fellow was in there longer than that. And the cops sat outside the doors in chairs, thought we was going to run out of the place. And after they released us they took me to jail.

Both of us. It really wasn't in the jail part, it was in the holding room, but there was bars in there. I had a, my uncle used to be the Chief of Police in the Flint Police Department, fellow by the name of Al Suth. He used to be a head watchman's chief at Chevrolet and my folks called him up and see if he'd come down and get me out.

Well, he come down there and in all the time he got there to get me out, they had released the both of us at that time. We weren't in there too long. I guess about a, maybe half a day.

Show Transcript Speaker: Robert Mamero. Interviewed by U-M Flint Labor History Project. Date of interview: 2-26-1980. Edited by Michael Van Dyke.

Copyright: ©2002 Michigan State University.