The Flint Sit-Down Strike audio memories constitute the bulk of the site content. This content is delivered in three different ways:

Audio essays - there are 3 audio essays describing the most important phases of the strike - the ORGANIZATION, the STRIKE itself, and its AFTERMATH. Each of the essays is illustrated with a large number of transcribed audio clips. The clips are launched from text links and appear in a pop-up window on top of the parent browser window. The clip begins streaming by clicking the PLAY button.

Interactive multimedia - some of the featured strike memories are delivered as interactive multimedia presentations. The STRIKE MAP allows users to browse the content by location and the AUDIO TIMELINE offers a temporal summary of the strike's pivotal moments.

Search engine - we have given the users the possibility to make detailed keyword searches through all of our Flint Sit-Down Strike aural resources. The application searches through the descriptive metadata of each record, as well as the actual transcript (available for well over 100 clips). The query results are returned as links to the audio clips. When you click on the link (the speaker's name), the clip begins streaming.

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